With so many travel bogs in the world, I guess the one question you have on your mind is; why work with me over anyone else? What is my niche? Etc.

disney times

disney times


  • Busy Professionals, female 25 - 45 years old travelling in couples or groups

  • Like Culture, Food & Drink, Affordable Luxury & Unique experiences

  • Worldwide Audience: 50% USA 40% UK 10% European countries

Work with me

I am so proud of what I have achieved with Earth Lists in the extremely small 2 years. I work full-time and had no previous experience of the digital world but with sheer determination and self-motivation I managed to design a website, learn SEO, create Social media Strategies and network at events. I even brought a house in the middle of it all which meant I struggled to pay for my travels but I still managed to head to 8 destinations last year. 

I work hard, I believe in my brand and providing the best for my audience. I have the self motivation to stick to deadlines, solve problems and listen to what my audience want. 

In 2 year months Earth Lists' sees over 3k visits every month, which is growing rapidly. With Pinterest alone I have a reach of over 220,000 people a month! Not bad for the girl who over a year ago, was crying at her laptop over Wordpress! 

Like what you've read? Then let's get talking! Email me at earthliststravel@gmail.com.

2019 Upcoming Trips 

If you are interested in collaborating, maybe you're a hotel, a Tourism Board, Tour Guide, or even a swanky cocktail bar, get in touch. I am looking to collaborate with brands that fit with my audience in the following Destinations in 2019:

March - London  

May - Verona

June - Mallorca

Check out my Media Kit here