Top 5 Websites for Travel Research





Without a doubt my go-to every time. It's a great start to your travel research journey. Fulled to the brim with travel inspiration. Simply type in a few key words and watch the magic happen. I usually enter general key words such as Christmas Breaks Europe or if I want specifics Unique bars in Portland, Oregon. What's great is under the search bar, when you start adding keywords it lists suggested keywords so you can add! 

I really love Pinterest because you can save all this wonderful free information into your perfectly curated Boards. So when you want to pick up the researching again, you can head to your board, have a gander then continue by adding more articles. Genius, pure Genius. 



So when I have found a few destinations I like the sound of, I need visuals, lots of visuals. Pictures are great but can be/ are heavily photoshopped so I head to Youtube. I always want to see if I like the vibe of a place before I go, get a slight taste for what to expect and Youtube always delivers this for me. 

Bloggers and Tourism boards are creating more and more videos and I do think this is the best way to promote travel nowadays (I am currently trying and failing at videography ha). So next time you cannot decide between destinations or need a bit of inspiration, give Youtube a whirl, you'll be surprised how much it will help. 



Believe it or not, Instagram is also great for visuals and finding cool spots in your chosen destination. In the search bar 

  • Hashtag - either put the name of the place in, or be more specific like #romefood

  • Place - just type the location and all posts will come up. This is my least fave as you always get odd photos of people posing etc. So you have been warned.



When I have decided on a destination, I start a general search on google. I think it's important to look at the top guides/bloggers on that destination, get a feeling for the neighbourhoods/resorts/ areas that resonate with you. Tourism boards are a must do on my list as they usually have an Events Calendar, best time to go, Things to Do, Places to stay etc, so you can really get down to planning.  



I have a love/hate relationship with Tripadvisor. There are so many ridiculous people giving their two pence and complaining about the most pathetic things. However, it is a good marker at the end of my research. I look at the list of hotels, restaurants, things to do etc, (usually certain places come up a lot) and see where they rank. If they are ranking highly and the majority of reviews are fair and reasonable then they make it on to my list. 


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So what are your go to sites for researching your travels? Am I missing out? Get involved below