Top Things to do in Krakow, Poland

Krakow has been on my list of places to visit in Europe for years. The allure of inexpense, vodka, and that Eastern Europe architecture make Krakow a top destination to visit. 

With a vast history, rich culture and delicious Food and Drink, there are tons of things to do in Krakow that it can be a little overwhelming. Well fear not, fellow travellers as I run down my Top Things to Do in Krakow. 


Currency: Polish Zloty 

Stay at the Too Good Apartments  – 4 nights including breakfast cost us £130 for two people which is an absolute bargain for these modern and perfectly located central apartments. Check out the cool green room where you'll have breakfast, instagram worthy indeed. 

Taxis from the airport to the city centre is £15 each way for two people. You can grab one outside the airport at the taxi rank. 

Krakow is small and very flat so good news, no need to worry about public transport! Unless you want to head to Auschwitz then ask your hotel to arrange a tour. 

Average evening meal - £15pp for two courses and alcoholic drink

Try Pierogi

Pierogi is a traditional Polish dish of dumplings served with a variety of fillings including Chicken, Beef, Spinach and Ricotta, deep-fried and full of yumminess!

Okay, so we tried these at the Christmas Market for all of £1.40 for 5 and obviously this isn’t on all year!

However, most traditional restaurants in Krakow will have these on their menus and won’t cost an absolute fortune. Cheap and delicious!


Climb the Bell Tower at Wawel Cathedral

Head up to Wawel Castle, this is where you will find the most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen!

Climb the dodgy looking wooden stairs to the bell tower where you get amazing (on a clear day!) views of red roofs across the city. Just watch your head climbing up, those low beams do jump out on you!



If there is one place you eat in Krakow, it has to be Charlotte!

Charlotte is about 3 minutes walk from the Main Square, it looks small and quaint from the outside but opens up into a ginormous basement! I’m a fan of brunch food, so the menu was perfect: croissants, eggs, and open sandwiches… You name it, it was on there!

I opted for croissants with Charlotte’s homemade condiments, milk chocolate spread, white chocolate spread and raspberry jam. Mmmmmmm!! Breakfast and coffee for one was 16PLN (£3.40) and you can also buy jars of their homemade spreads to bring home… I may have purchased a few to bring home..!


Drink Vodka! – Mad Dogs

It’s safe to say we tried a number of different vodka’s during our time in Krakow, (lemon, raspberry, you name it!) some you sip with dinner, some you down in one!

But, it wasn’t until we started talking to two Polish gents that we were introduced to ‘Mad Dog’s’. This is vodka, raspberry liquor and tabasco and definitely one you shot!! 

Because of the varying weights in the drink, the vodka and liquor separate leaving you with two floating drops of Tabasco. If you can still stand; you’ll want another!!!


Auschwitz and Birkinau / Schindlers Factory

Okay so I have left this until last and have done so for a reason. If you are in Krakow, you must visit these places. HOWEVER, I was slightly disappointed. I completely appreciate the barbaric nature of history and what went on here, but struggled to really gauge a feeling for this due to a mass of walking tours and tourists, guilty; I was part of a walking tour.

I personally felt rushed through and that I was not given enough time to really take in my surroundings before being rushed onto the next block.

If you visit, what I would say is take time to wander and try to forget the mass of tourists surrounding you. 

Auschwitz and Birkenau is a full day trip, the camps are approximately 1hr 20mins from Krakow and the easiest way to reach them is by an organised tour (£35pp), however there is public transport that will take you there.

Don’t be put off by what I’ve said, it is definitely worth a visit, but hey, I’m here for an honest opinion after all!

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Are you heading to Krakow? What are you most looking forward to? Leave a comment below.