Rhodes Old Town - Best Places to Eat and Drink

I am fortunate to have visited Rhodes twice.

In particular Rhodes Old Town, which I absolutely adore I planned a family trip last Summer to show it off.

We all know Greek food is delicious and I have to say Rhodes Old Town has incredible restaurants, cafes and bakeries to choose from. An added plus is the selection of bars that you can sip your cares away at during your break.

In this guide, I’ll take you through my personal favourites, so good I had to go to them twice as well as some newer choices from my recent trip.

Restaurants | Rhodes Old Town


romios restaurant rhodes town

Romios was one of the first restaurants we visited on our first trip. We stumbled upon it and fell in love.

If you want pretty and romantic this one is for you. Covered in greenery, this outdoor restaurant is full of whimsical decor and hidden at the end of a more secluded street.

The meals are always great. Will tends to go for a seafood dish here, whereas I like Stifado. A nice touch is an accordian musician plays most nights which adds to the magic.

Mama Sofias

Mama Sofias

Another Taverna that we headed to twice.

An experience that makes you laugh throughout your meal and you leave with a smile on your face.

The waiters have a good time serving their customers. A welcome drink of wine on arrival always goes down well with me.

The atmosphere is buzzing here nightly so there is often a queue to get a table. We ate earlier, around 6pm and it wasn’t too busy, leave it to 7pm and you’ll be waiting.

Ta Kardashia Restaurant Rhodes Old Town
Ta Kardasia Food Rhodes Town

Located on a secluded street just off of the hustle and bustle of the main street. This street does have great little bars and restaurants so make a bee line here.

The food here was the best I had in Rhodes Town. Absolutely delicious. I went for traditional Slouvaki Chicken Skewers. My whole family enjoyed their meals and commented on how tasty their food was.

The rooftop terrace was a huge hit with my family. It was much cooler up there plus it was lovely with the sunset. The views aren’t outstanding compared to the taller buildings in Hippocrates Square but, for me, I’d rather amazing food over a view any day.

Angela castle  Rhodes Old Town

Very homemade meals, restrictive menu but so good. Don’t expect this to be a quick meal, you’re meant to relax and enjoy the experience.

A small courtyard but away from the crowds.

One thing to be aware, the wine by bottle is super pricey so maybe stick to a glass with your meal.

Bars | Rhodes Old Town

socratous Garden cocktail
Socratous Garden Rhodes Town

Socratous Garden

Every evening was started here. A family ritual.

An absolute paradise, hidden just off of the main walkway to Hippocrates Square.

The bar is actually part of a huge tree which you sit under. The cocktails were delicious. I had my usual Strawberry Daiquiri. The servers were a good laugh and gave you little snacks to have with your drinks.

We visited this bar most nights as they give you free snacks as you drink, yes we are that fickle! Plus it’s the street which I have mentioned earlier. So you can have a drink or two in here and then visit Ta Kardasia or Romios.

I loved sitting out on the street with a candle and the cool sounds being played in the background. This area isn’t busy so it made it even more relaxing.

Nefeli bar Rhodes Town

Sometimes you just want to people watch and let time slowly go by. Nefeli Bar is a stellar option for this.

Perched high above Hippocrates Square, you can have a drink and watch the evening unfold.

If you appreciate a damn fine wine like me, this place is for you.

It’s so small and hidden right next to Hippocrates square, they have a few tables outside, but if none are free, grab yourself a glass and sit on the stairs and watch the evening roll away.

Rhodoscope Creative Gallery

Will and my dad had left us at a nearby bar which had an old woman serving who clearly didn’t want to service my mother and me. We left thankfully and found this cute shop on accident.

It had a sign outside advertising Rhosecco, which is Prosecco made in Rhodes. Instantly, I was hooked.

It was made even better as there was a little courtyard out the back of the shop. The owner was so lovely and attentive.

Bakeries & Cafe’s | Rhodes Old Town

Old Town Corner Bakery


We stumbled upon this gem by mistake. Our taxi always dropped us off at the main entrance in Rhodes Town. This time we decided to walk around perimeter of the fort walls and enter Old Town through a less grand entrance.

It was a route, Will and I hadn’t explored last time and it seemed to be where the locals gathered.

The Corner Bakery offers hot drinks as well as a iced coffee which Will had and pastries. I had a lovely chocolate pastry and a cup of coffee to start the day. There are a few tables outside to relax.

Avalon Cafe Rhodes Town

Just off of Ippoton Street next to the Palace of Grand Master of Knights, you’ll find Avalon. A little gem that Will and I found on our first visit and had to visit again.

Perfect for a pick-me-up caffeine hit or a spot of lunch especially, if you plan on visiting the museum.

It’s part of the Boutique Hotel Avalon that we liked the look of.


You cannot miss Mevlana as it is located on the main street running down Old Town. It’s a Turkish Cafè.

To help you out I have mapped all my suggestions onto Google Maps.

All you need to do is click on the map below and it will take you to the full map, where you can print it to take along with you.

I really hope you find this whistle stop tour helpful when planning your time in Rhodes Old Town.

As always, please comment below any suggestions or questions, I would love to hear from you.