Pollensa Guide - the perfect holiday spot on Mallorca and here’s why! 

Pollenca Old Town Mallorca

The island of Mallorca is a hotspot for holiday goers year round due to its stunning weather and Catalan charm.

However, this means lots of people as the airport showed me!

But what if you want to experience the island life without the crowds?

With so many beautiful and distinctive resorts to choose from it can be challenging as I found out.

I was tasked with sorting the family villa holiday this Summer. I wanted a town that had a bit of hustle and bustle but felt truly authentic to Mallorca.

And voilà, I stumbled upon Pollensa (or Pollenca as it’s spelt in Spanish)

In today’s guide I will show you why Pollenca is the perfect holiday spot!

Why choose Pollensa out of all the Mallorca Resorts? 

For me, the number one reason why I chose this charming town was it’s lack of tourists. Simple as that.

Pollensa is tucked up in the mountains in the North of the island. So it’s out of the way of the Southern and Eastern bigger resorts that the hoards tend to flock too.

Second reason which swayed Pollensa for me is the beauty of the 13th Century Old Town. I am a sucker for wandering round Old Towns.

It reminded me of Dubrovnik, with all the narrow and small streets weaving erratically. With a main square which is the hub of the town, in particularly at night where it comes to life.

What surprised me is that Pollensa is still very much a locals town, compared to nearby Alcudia and Puerto Pollensa. I felt it was still truly mallorcan as unfortunately a lot of resorts just become a tourist destination rather than keeping it’s authentic charm.

The third reason was the fact that it would be cooler, as it’s perched in the mountains. There was always a lovely cool breeze. Don’t get me wrong it was still baking hot but having that breeze just takes the edge off for a sun vampire like me.

So if all those reasons tick your boxes, I promise you’ll love it.

How to get to and from Pollensa?

You have three options; Taxi, Bus or Car.

Thankfully, it only takes a short 45 minutes drive from Palma Airport to reach Pollensa Town.

I opted for a Private Taxi which cost around £50pp return.

I would avoid hiring a car, particularly, if you are planning to stay in a villa like we did. The streets are extremely narrow and can be difficult to navigate due to residents parking. It’s not uncommon to be blocked in!

There is a car park next to the bus stop that you can park conveniently next to the car hire store, in case you fancy hiring a car for a couple of days. You can park your car here and walk to your accommodation. (Insert map of car park, find store name for car hire and general prices for car park and car)

Pollenca Mallorca Old Town holiday resort
Calvari Steps 365 Pollensa Majorca

We opted for the bus as it was super simple and very cheap. £3 to Puerto Pollensa and £12 to Palma return.

The 345 goes to Puerto Pollensa and 340 to Palma. They go regularly, usually every hour. Double check the stops though as there are two routes of most destinations, one that is an express bus with little to no stops and another which has multiple stops. The buses were air conditioned which was a pleasant surprise.

Check out the 2019 bus timetable for timings.

pollensa Majorca Where to stay

Where to stay in Pollensa?

Most of the villas were hidden at the top of Pollensa, which involves a steep climb, so this is something to bear in mind if you have a buggy (like we did) or just generally cannot be bothered to walk uphill, I hear you.

If you want to be in the thick of the Old Town with a pool and a fantastic restaurant then Son Sant Jordi is for you.

How about completely going all out on luxury? The Son Brull Hotel and Spa was a close second on our list. Most definitely on the premium side but having a couple of nights here to recharge your batteries at their spa would be heaven!

I noticed a new boutique hotel called Mon Boutique Hotel a perfect location and no steep climbs! I doubt it will have a rooftop pool though.

View of Pollenca Old Town

View from our Villa

We decided to use good old Airbnb for our Villa of choice. Originally we were looking at sleek and modern villas but then we fell in love with this 200 year old Finca. The inside is very dated but typical of a Mallorcan home, however, the outside space and location completely wowed us all.

It takes only 5 minutes and you are at Placa Major Square.

Pollenca Villa Mallorca Airbnb
Pollenca Majorca Villa Earth Lists

Shopping in Pollensa

Obviously, you won’t find any main stream shops like H&M etc, however, there are many boutique shops.

I particularly loved Cactus, which is a women’s clothes and accessories store with lots of cute garms, reasonably priced too. I brought the best backpack there for only £29.

Major Placa Square Pollensa Mallorca

There’s a local produce shop with fresh vegetables, meat etc. It’s right near the beginning of the Cavalri steps. It is on the expensive side but the closest place to grab essentials in town.

There is a small supermarket located near the bus stop but the produce isn’t as nice, however, you buy floats for your pool 🤣 Lidl is accessible by car. 

Every Sunday (9am-1pm), Pollensa has a big market selling fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, flowers, jewellery and clothes. It’s very large and takes up the whole Placa Major Square and surrounding streets. We picked up a lot of food to eat for the week here and I found the prices ok, £3 for a kilo of cherries.

Remember that most places shut for a siesta in the afternoon 1.30 - 6pm, this does vary but be sure to check before you visit. 

Food and Drink in Pollensa Old Town

I am currently writing an extensive guide for dining in Pollensa. I have to say the food was absolutely outstanding and so I feel it deserves a whole article of its own.

But to tickle your taste buds here are Top 3 Restaurants to visit:

  1. Respira

  2. La Font Del Gall

  3. Il Giardino

Be sure to check the opening hours and days for restaurants and bars. I found that a lot of places were closed at least a couple of days a week, many midweek.

La font dal Gall Pollensa Mallorca

We’ve reached the end of my recountings in Pollensa.

I hope it has inspired you to head there on your holiday getaway as it was truly a wonderful little town.

As always please leave a comment below or email me if you have any specific questions that I have not touched upon in this guide. I am happy to help in any way I can.

Happy Holidaying x

Pollensa mallorca pin