Top 4 Haunted Houses in Salem Massachusetts

You’re in for a right treat!

The haunted houses in Salem, Massachusetts are terrifyingly fun.

And for such a small town, they have a few on offer.

If you fancy a day trip from Boston or staying the night. It’s important to plan your day. October is busy.

With that being said let’s dive straight into the top houses to visit, what to expect and how much it’ll cost you.

Disclaimer, when I say haunted house I mean the kind that have live actors in not actual hauntings with ghosts. If you’re looking for hauntings head to Where Traveler’s handy article.

Top 4 Haunted Houses in Salem Massachusetts

Count Orlak’s Nightmare Gallery

217 Essex St | $9 | Open daily through Oct, 10am - Close - check website nearer time

By day this Gallery is full of your favourite and most terrifying horror villains.

The collection is quite something to behold, from cult classic waxes to newer films. However, during the month of October, Count Orlaks changes into a haunted house.

Your ghoulish host will walk through the museum of waxes but not all is what it seems…you are not alone!

By far this was my favourite and most surprising house. I wasn’t expecting it to be so damn jumpy.

It has a new premises now too so I am sure as it is bigger the scares will be even better.

This is the old premises. It recently moved to ESSEX Street.

This is the old premises. It recently moved to ESSEX Street.

Frankenstein’s Castle

288 Derby Street | $10 entry | Mon-Thurs 10am-8pm and Fri-Sun 10am-10pm

Walk the dark corridors of Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory in this immersive haunted attraction.

Frankenstein’s Castle is located at Salem Wax Museum and is part of the Wicked Neighbourhood.

Salem Wax Museum and Salem Witch Village team up to become the Wicked Neighbourhood during October and offer tickets for $20 to visit 3 attractions.

I remember this house scared the bejesus out of me, it was incredibly dark and the actors were spot on at timing their scares.

I particularly loved the part I got chased out of the maze by a bloodied guy and his chainsaw.

haunted houses in Salem

Haunted Witch Village

288 Derby Street | $8 | Mon-Thurs 10am-8pm and Fri-Sun 10am-10pm

Witch Village is opposite Salem Wax Museun’s Frankenstein’s Castle and is part of the 3 attractions you can visit for $20.

Enter into the history of Witchcraft through the ages. By day the Witch Village discusses what constitutes a Witch and how this has changed over time.

In the month of October however, you’ll be transported back in time with witches and ghouls scaring you at every turn,

It was ok but not on par with the others.

If you’re buying the Wicked Neighbourhood ticket then you might as well go in but if you’re pushed for time I would give this house a miss and prioritise the others.

Salem haunted attractions

Chambers of Terror

59 Wharf Street | $12 | Fri/Sat 12pm-10pm & Sun-Thurs 12pm-8pm

Chambers of Terror can be found near the waterfront and only a short walk away from the Wicked Neighbourhood.

What I like about this house is that it offers visitors two experiences.

For those brave enough, choose The Halloween Horror Show which is promised as “full-intensity”.

For those wanting a bit of a fright but not a cardiac arrest, The Terror Tour Show will be the safer option.

I haven’t actually done this house myself but I have been recommended it by several reliable sources so had to add it to my list.

Let me know if you go and what you thought of the house.

It was definitely short but useful…I hope.

Hopefully this has helped you plan your choices when you visit Salem.

Go take a read of Salem for Halloween and guide to Salem and it’s annual events for even more information.