6 of the best Day Trips to take from Rome and how to get there!

Are to planning on staying in Rome for an extended period or just fancy getting out of the city?

Don’t fret - there are so many day trips you can take.

From ancient ports to over-indulgent villas to farther afield visits to Pompeii or Florence. You are spoilt for choice.

Let’s take a closer look at 6 day trips you can easily take from Rome.

Within an hour from Rome

Appian Way Day Trip

Want to walk in the footsteps of Emperors, Mercenaries and Roman citizens? A jaunt to the Appian Way is a lovely way to spend an afternoon and step back in time, away from the huge crowds in central Rome.

Correctly named Appia Antica it’s the first road connecting Rome to the outside world, or more appropriately, all the cities they conquered. It was built in 312BC and it went all the way to the Adriatic Coast, to Puglia in fact! One long road, no wonder they say all roads lead to Rome, probably to do with all the conquering? Anyhow, there are many ruins and mausoleums along the road to take in. Or you could go to the Regional Park and walk a smaller fraction of the road. There is a visitor centre where you can hire bikes and segways if you want to make sure you cover more ground.

When to visit

Sundays seem to be the best time as the road is closed to traffic, meaning, hello, you have the road all to yourself. The only thing you have to worry about is other bikers and those pesky segways, unless you’re on them, then full steam ahead. Still if you want to ensure that you have it all to yourself try and get there early morning around 9am -10am and then in the later afternoon from 4.30pm onwards.

How to get there

It’s actually pretty simple to get there as it is located just outside of Rome. Approximately 13 minutes from the Colosseum. You can take the 118 Bus from Circo Massimo straight to the Appia Antica Regional Park.

hadrians villa in a day

Hadrians Villa Day Trip

An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hadrian’s Villa is one heck of a Country Retreat. In fact, I am sure that because of this estate we now have the term country retreat. It is colossal, beautiful and just arrogant; I love it. I am sure I would have indulged in a party or two here back in the day with old Emperor Hadrian. When you walk round, you can see this being the ancient mix of the Playboy Mansion and Gatsby’s; Hadrian often had luxurious parties here.

It was built as Hadrian’s home in 117AD, 30kms from the hustle and bustle of Rome. It has libraries, temples, thermal baths and even an artificial lake with stone crocodiles, love those little guys. He clearly decked it out with the best sculptures and topiary, it would have been quite the site to behold.

Getting there

Now when I did this, we hadn’t researched very well and it was a bit of a shambles if I am honest. Further inspection and it was relatively easy but naturally, we complicated it.

So the easiest way is to get on the Metro B Line to Ponte Mammolo, then take the Co. Tral bus named Via Prenestina to Villa Adriana stop. The bus only costs €2 which is a bonus.

Admission costs € 10.00. I would advise getting a guide to take you round. We wandered aimlessly and I remember there wasn’t a great deal of information around the site. You could do a half day trip to Hadrian’s Villa and Villa D’Este which is also in Tivoli. Interestingly, the marble and some of the statues were taken from Hadrian’s villa to decorate Villa D’Este 1500 AD.

Ostia Antica Day Trip

Ostia Antica Day Trip

How about a trip to a harbour? An ancient harbour? Ostia Antica is a short 19 miles from Rome and served as the port for Ancient Rome so it was kind of a big deal back in the day of 509BC - 27BC.

Expect beautiful mosaics, Roman baths, taverns, inns, shops and a reconstructed theatre that is still used today.

Getting there

Super simple. Either get on the Metro B Line - Piramide - Roma Lido commuter train to Ostia Antica which costs €3.

When to Visit

Mondays it’s closed so that’s a no go. Its not as busy as the other sites so you don’t have to worry too much here. I would say that if you are visiting Pompeii than unless you are really keen to head here, don’t bother. It’s basically a mini, less- preserved version of Pompeii so you’ll just be underwhelmed. No-one wants that. Admission €8

1-2 hours from Rome

Naples Day trip

Naples, the capital of Campania region, it’s one of those cities you either love or hate. Located within a little more than an hour by fast train from Rome, the city is the gateway into the Costiera Amalfitana (Amalfi Coast) and the amazing historical sites of Herculaneum and Pompeii.

Try to plan your visit around the tours available at Napoli Sotterranea. The underground system features catacombs, tunnels, and hideouts but can only be visited with a guide. It’s literally in the heart of the Old City. Nearby, there are some museums to check out, as well. And further away, the Catacombs of San Gaudioso, featuring early Christian wall paintings & mosaics and they can also only be visited with a guide.

If you still feel like walking, go to the Port. It offers a direct view of Vesuvius. And right nearby is Castel Nuovo, quite an interesting building to photograph. Further away, you can find Castel dell’Ovo.

Getting there

Just show up at Rome Termini Station and buy a ticket. You’ll want to invest in the high-speed train. There are plenty of connections each day, but you’d want to leave early. The trick to save money is to book your ticket in advance, from the TrenItalia website.

Pack some snacks, though. Depending on when you arrive in the city unless you plan to roam the Old City to find street vendors, you may have the surprise to discover that restaurants only open for dinner. And I assure you that you don’t want to hit any fast food open just because you are hungry.

From Napoli Centrale, it’s an easy way to the Old Town. The maze of streets offers quite an interesting insight into the life of the city. And of course, there are shops, places to eat, and a lot of churches to explore. You can spend a lot of time just exploring this area.

Cris over at https://looknwalk.info/naples-italy/

rome to pompeii day trip

Over 2 hours from Rome

Day Trip to Pompeii

The mecca of ancient sites is an easy train ride for the eternal city, little effort is required when you plan ahead. I do believe that if you have an interest and have the time, that Pompeii should be high on your day trip list. It’s pretty spectacular to see this ancient site, quite literally frozen in time.

Thankfully, I have done this trip a few times now so have broken it down in my Pompeii Day Trip Guide. In my guide I take you through all the steps to get to Pompeii, what to pack, tours to join and what to check out when you are there so definitely have a read if you want to go.

Florence from rome

Day trip to Florence

Newsflash, you can catch a train to Firenze for a day. I know, complete game changer. A short 2 hour train ride and you’ll be sipping Prosecco by the River Arno. Let’s be realistic, a day isn’t enough to see all of Florence but it’s a nice taster, a wee sample if you like.

Let’s work on 10 hours in Florence, you can head to the Uffizi, cross the Ponte Vecchio bridge, climb the Duomo and then leisurely wander grabbing a bite to eat. That’s quite a lot to fit into one day and you’ve ticked most of the major attractions off.

Getting there

The good old trusty high speed train leaves from Rome’s Termini Station to Firenze Santa Maria Novella Station. What’s great about Florence’s station is that it’s in the heart of the historic centre so only a short walk to and from the station.

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