How to get your 2018 Travel plans organised

2018 is here already? How did this happen?

Well it's time to start getting prepared for the year ahead as time does fly. Organisation is key if you want to make sure you hit your 2018 Travel Goals and this is what I want to share with you today. 

In years gone by, I have organised my yearly trips one at a time which is an archaic way of doing things. In every area of our life we plan meticulously, finances, family life, work etc, but when it comes to travel, the fun part, we seem to forget all about it.

No more, not on my watch. 

I created a printable booklet to help you plan all your trips for 2018. From working out how much leave you have, destinations you want to visit each month and for how long, an annual budget tracker as well as an individual trip budget planner. 

2018 is going to EPIC. Let's get it planned. 

How to plan all your.png