Something's got to give...this time it was New England

DSC00571 (2).JPG

Sometimes life just gets in the way of travelling plans. For me, all I think/want/do is travel and I do everything possible to achieve this goal. However, my boyfriend (of 10 years) and I have just brought our first home together! Exciting I know. 

I love our house, it's clean, modern, full of scandi-rustic interiors which make me feel all snuggly and pretty god damn happy. Yet, when buying a house, you need a shit load of money! And when the money goes so too does all of your travel plans. 


We originally wanted to hit New England for a second foliage tour as I am completely obsessed with EVERYTHING in those magical five states, and as we didn't get to hit Maine and Vermont I knew where we were heading this Fall. But then, the house surprised us. So we postponed it until December. 

Christmas and Fall are my favourite times of the year, so I wasn't too gutted about this. I planned this amazing hitlist, reserved the accommodation and was about to hit BUY on the flights when that annoying woman's intuition thing reared it's head.


You cannot afford this Sarah, you are being ridiculous and pretty selfish. 

Will goes along with my travel plans, let's me take the reigns as it's my passion (his - trainers and technology) and sometimes comes along with me even if he doesn't want to. This house was his dream, he's wanted his own home for ten years and here I am trying to have the whole world and more. Unfair. 

I am too optimistic for my own good at times and this was one of them. So I didn't press buy. Instead, I shed a little tear for New England and apologised for letting her down a second year in a row, sucked it up and cancelled everything. 


Instead, we are venturing to a few Copenhagen and Edinburgh to enjoy the festive period, not exactly a bad trade off. Though I will be sad when Halloween comes and I am not dressed up as Audrey Horne (Twin peaks ultimate babe), or a Studio Ghibli character or perhaps even Eleven; (struggling to decide on a costume), enjoying Haunted Happenings in Salem, MA or watching the New England Patriots (love you Brady).  I will be having a sick ass party in your name. 

As much as we all love to travel, see the world and forget about the stresses of everyday life, sometimes it's just not feasible and you know what, that's ok! So if you are reading this feeling the exact same emotions as me, know that as the Rolling Stones say You can't always get what you want but you get what you need and soon enough you will be back exploring a new destination. One step at a time!