Top TV filming locations in the UK

New York will always be Carrie's stomping ground, Marissa owned The O.C. and Twin Peaks took over Washington state (sorry I just love TP).

Here in the UK we have had our fair share of brilliant and captivating TV Shows and as I love nothing more than engrossing myself into a series, here are some of my top UK TV shows to check out if you visit us. 


Downton Abbey | Highclere Castle, Berkshire

Downton Abbey has taken Period Dramas from stuffy to "cool" worldwide and lucky for you, you can actually visit the iconic Abbey. It will cost £22 for access to the Castle, Egyptian Exhibition and Gardens. From London Paddington to Newbury takes 1 hour and no changes. A taxi from the station takes 15 minutes. 

Poldark | Cornwall, Various Locations

Source: Cornwalls Guides

Source: Cornwalls Guides

Source:  Visit Cornwall

Cornwall's landscape is stunning, filled with secluded beaches, coves and fishing harbours, it is little wonder so many TV series choose this region of the UK as it's backdrop. Check out Visit Cornwall for an extensive guide to Poldark's Cornwall. 

Game of Thrones | Northern Ireland 

Game of Thrones is iconic so it's backdrop has to compliment this, say hello Ireland! Rugged, breath-taking and steeped in mystery. Get yourself on a GOT Tour here, there are tours from Belfast and Dublin, starting from €55, be warned you may have to wear a stark cape...we know you love it really.

 Sherlock | London

Source:  Fan Girl Quest  

As a young girl I loved Disney's adaptation of Sherlock, Basil the Great Mouse Detective but this series has my heart. Located in our wonderful and historic capital city of London, Sherlock is London. For the main sites you will need to head to the eclectic neighbourhood of Camden Town; sherlockology and Fan Girl Quest will give you all the locations to map out for yourself. 

What are your favourite TV Show Locations from Around the World? Are there any UK TV Shows we should've included?