Feature Friday | Galapagos - a cruise round the islands

Today on Feature Friday, we are being treated with a Bucket List Destination.

The Galapagos is one place that I have wanted to visit for years but am yet too. Sarah from Not Another Travel Blog takes us on a once in a lifetime journey. Buckle up, this one is truly inspirational.


The Galapagos - a cruise round the islands

Reason for Visit?

When we were planning our world travels the Galapagos islands were one of our ultimate
bucket list destinations. We decided to completely blow the budget and go on an incredible
cruise to explore the islands and it was one of the most memorable parts of our whole trip.
One of those places that lived up to all of our expectations, and an experience we’ll never

The Essentials

It’s fairly easy to travel round the Galapagos islands as the islands have a well established
tourist infrastructure. The only real challenge is budgeting as it’s sadly not a cheap place to
travel, although not as prohibitively expensive as many imagine it to be. Some of the key
things to think about are whether you want to island hop using inter island boats and ferries,
or whether you want to splash out on a cruise. The currency used is US Dollars which keeps
things simple, and whilst high season is between December & February, you can visit at pretty
much any time of year and see amazing landscapes and wildlife.

What must we do?

See as much wildlife as possible and visit plenty of islands. Whilst the main island that people
arrive on (Santa Cruz), is packed with the famous sea lions, giant tortoises and other
spectacular wildlife, it’s travelling between and to other islands where you’ll see the real
variety. We saw so many amazing animals, and stunning landscapes from snorkelling with reef
sharks off the red sandy beach of La Rabida island to seeing thousands of marine iguanas and
hiking across lava fields on Fernandina.

Where should we eat?

Luckily our cruise was all inclusive which helped it to be a little more cost effective, but we
also found some great places to eat on Santa Cruz. If you head a few streets back from the
main seafront at Puerto Ayora, there’s a road packed with restaurants serving incredible fresh

Where can we Drink?

We loved enjoying cocktails on the seafront in Puerto Ayora - there are lots of bars to choose
from and most do three cocktails for $10 at happy hour which is a bonus!

Where could we Stay?

Hopefully on a yacht as you cruise around the islands! If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to
that, then there is everything from budget hostels (we liked the Flamingo), to 5* hotels and
everything in between. There’s only accommodation on a few of the islands though, including
Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela so do be sure to do some research.

Anything to Avoid?

Struggling to think of anything to avoid as we loved our whole experience. If you’re on a
budget I guess you need to be a bit careful with where to eat and drink as there are some
touristy places that don’t offer great value. Another thing we found was that you have to
negotiate hard with tour agencies to get a decent deal. We saved almost $300 per person
from the initial price of the cruise we ended up on.

Why should we go?

Everyone should try and visit the Galapagos if they love nature and wildlife. It’s a true once in
a lifetime travel experience and whilst it’s not the cheapest or most accessible place to go,
it’s simply amazing!

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Meet the Author

Sarah is currently travelling the world with her partner Rob, after they were made redundant and decided to escape the rat race.

You can find her writing about itineraries, travel tips and
round the world adventures at Not Another Travel Blog.

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Wow. How incredible does the Galapagos Islands look?! I love wildlife so this is heaven for me. What do you think? Are the Galapagos on your Bucket List? Get commenting below.