10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Slovenia Over Other European Countries

Stunning. Surprising. Spectacular. Slovenia. 

Never heard of Slovenia? Don't worry, you're not the only one. In a way, I think it's a great thing as it's so unspoiled by tourists which adds to the charm. 

When I told my friends I was going, most of them asked why? Is there anything there? Why did I want to go?

I have whittled it down to 10 key reasons why I booked my trip to Slovenia.


1. Slovenians 

Hands down one of the friendliest countries I have been to. Everyone was happy to talk, crack a joke and give advice. 

2. Food

I am a Foodie. Great food is important to any trip in my opinion. Slovenian food is a fusion of Eastern European and Mediterranean. I had Goulash with Dumplings one night then a Gnocchi dish the next. 

3. Cafe Culture

Cafe's are always welcome. When staying in Ljubljana (the Capital City) there are too many Cafe's to choose from. Some of my favourites are Lolita, Le Petit Cafe, Cafe Cokl and Pritvice. 

4. Diverse Landscape

A trip to Slovenia is a blend of City Break, Wilderness retreat and Coastal escape. For such a small country it packs a punch. Visit Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, Piran, Triglav National park and Caves. 

5. Value for Money 

I cannot get over how far my money went. £1.50 for a Latte, £2.50 for a glass of wine and £7 for a main meal. The Euro is renowned for being an expensive currency but here, in Slovenia, you get a lot out of your pennies. 

6. Unspoiled 

Slovenia has not been overly commercialised or geared towards tourists...yet. It is growing more popular in the past couple of years due to the pictures of Lake Bled plastered over Social Media. If you are intrigued go as soon as you can before the influx truly begins!

7. Wine

We love Wine! Slovenian wine is soooooo good, but as the country is so small, there are no enough vineyards to export worldwide. We recommend the Pinot or Movia Merlot or even the Orange wine (yep, orange wine)


8. Central Hub

Slovenia is in prime position to Road Trip to other European Countries. We travelled in to Italy and Croatia from Slovenia but you can even go to Austria and Hungary. 

9. Ljubljana 

A beautiful and relaxing Capital city with only 270,000 people living there. It was voted Green capital  of Europe in 2016. With is fusion of Central Europe and Mediterranean styles, it has a little something for everyone. 

10. Bragging Rights

There's nothing I love more than inspiring others to travel, particularly to places they never thought of or heard of. Slovenia is one of those destinations. You will  be truly amazed by this small yet charming country that you will tell everyone they have to go. I promise. 


Are you inspired to go or have you already been to Slovenia?

Share your recommendations and stories below for others!