Top 10 Summer Destinations in Europe

Every year I need a fix of UV on my skin, living in the UK, I don't tend to get enough Vitamin D! Luckily, living so close to the Mediterranean I can get a week's fix and see some amazing places along the way. 

Lacking Inspiration?  

Not too worry, check out this QUICK list of the Top 10 European Destinations to visit this Summer.

1. Crete, Greece


2. Cascais, Portugal 

3. Cote D'Azur, France

4. Italian Rail Adventure, Rome - Venice

Italian Adventure 089.JPG

5. Dalmatian Island Hopping, Croatia

6. Santorini & Mykonos Island Hopping, Greece


7. Barcelona, Spain

8. Cornwall, UK

9. Lake Bled and Triglav National Park, Slovenia


10. Dubrovnik, Croatia

There you have it! As quick and simple as that. Sometimes all you need is a great photo to engage your Wanderlust. 

So my question to you, where will you be heading from this list?