Free Printable Reykjavik Food and Drink Guide

Are you visiting Reykjavik soon?

Want an easy guide to some of the best Restaurants and Bars the city has to offer with a printable map to take with you?

You're in luck. I’ve got mine and Will’s all time favourites in this guide for you.

Keep reading to see what made the cut in our Food and Drink guide to Reykjavik.

Slippbarrin is one of the first cocktail bars to open in Reykjavik and get it right. If you’re in the mood to indulge, this is the place to go.

Micro Bar has a huge selection of local and international beer. It’s welcoming interiors make it a cool place to visit for a drink.

Konsull Kaffihus with a mix match of vintage furniture and the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air, this coffee house is a must to warm up from the Artic Winds. It also serves breakfast and cake.

At Skuli Craft Beer Bar you can grab a beer platter and try the different local beers. Not in to beer? No problem, this bar is well stocked with spirits and wine.

It seems that Reykjavik and Copenhagen have a mutual liking to each other, as The Laundromat Café has now opened in town. The café is a place where you can have breakfast or a snack whilst you wash your clothes, how convenient! The food and drinks are great and the quirky décor is a talking point.

Te and Kaffi has a huge selection of Tea and Coffee to choose from as well as homemade cakes, perfect for a mid-afternoon pick me up.

You may recognise Mikkeller and Friends if you have visited Copenhagen. Icelanders have a love for Craft Beer and these types of establishments are popping up all over town. It has a real hygge feel with a plethora of Craft Beer to sample.

Missing home? Find the Undergorund sign and enter Kaffibarrin. It’s as close to a local pub as you can get in town. Serving great beer and wine, and a firm favourite with the locals.

Lebowski Bar modelled on the film The Big Lebowski, is a cool, quirky bar to have a beverage. It is situated on the main shopping street in Reykjavik.

There is also a happy hour here so check the Appy Hour App for more details. Download the Reykjavik Appy Hour as it will tell you the Happy Hour in each bar. Great App as alcohol is quite expensive so these hours are welcomed

Tommi’s Burger Joint is another import from Copenhagen. The burgers here are super tasty and the price isn’t bad either.

Fiskfelagid Fish Company reasonably priced fresh seafood restaurant, however, the Lamb dishes are renowned here too. 7

Fiskmarkadurrin has been voted one of the best restaurants in town. The chef uses fresh seafood ingredients with a modern twist. You can also order a tasting menu which is highly recommended.

Bergsson Mathus has a casual, minimalist vibe mixed with great breakfast and lunch.

If you are in the mood for a quick snack (queue permitted) Baejarens Famous Hotdogs is the answer. These Hotdogs are sought after and for good reason, they are delicious.

Snaps Bistro has one of the best brunch menus in town!

Cafe Rosenberg offers main dishes and small dishes so is a perfect spot for any time of day.

Kex Hostel is home to a brilliant Gastropub that has been featured in many top travel lists.

Want something that is authentically Icelandic? Head over to Café Lokki who have lots of dishes with local produce to sample. It’s near the Hallgrimskirkja Church so after taking in the best view of Reykjavik, it’s only a short walk.