5 Bars that you need to visit in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of a kind, there is nothing quite like it.

With it's imposing city walls, labyrinth alleyways and polished floors, there is always something waiting to be discovered here.

After a day of visiting Lokrum, or soaking up the sun at nearby Lapad, a relaxing drink is in order.

Here are five bars to visit on your trip.

1.  D'Vino

D'Vino is perhaps the most popular Wine Bar in Dubrovnik and for good reason.

An absolute gem found just off of the main street, this bar offers the tastiest Croatian wine for you to try.

The wine sampler accompanied with a meat and cheese platter is a perfect afternoon snack and a must try.


2.   La Bodega

You cannot miss La Bodega on the Stradun (main strip), it's in prime position for sitting back and watching the world go by.

At night this venue comes alive as everyone sits outside and chats into the early hours of the night. 

3.  Buza Bar

The Buza Bars are hidden well but are worth the trek through the labyrinth of alleyways.

Look out for the NO TOPLESS NO NUDIST sign that signals the entry way into Buza I.

As you walk down the steps you are met with a chic rock face bar looking out to Lokrum Island. A perfect way to end the day.

4.   Banje beach

Banje Beach is located a short walk through the east gate of Dubrovnik.

A little haven when you want to put your feet up on a white lounger, paddle in the sea with views of Lokrum while sipping on a delicious daiquiri . Plus you do have to pay for the loungers, even better.


5.  Karaka Irish Bar

Irish bars are always a good idea as they are welcoming, no fuss and cheaper than usual bars.

Karaka has a cosy feel as well as an extensive drink menu. It is just off of the Stradun, take a seat on one of the tables outside and watch the hustle bustle as you take it easy.  

Picture Credit: La Bodega, Banje Beach and Karaka.



There are many bars to visit so we hope this small list helps you get started. Let us know what your favourite Bars are in Dubrovnik.