Hello! I am Sarah; the face behind Earth Lists and a lover of cocktails


What is Earth Lists?

In a nutshell, we are a travel website that provides factual travel information for busy individuals in the way of Quick, Authentic, Lists. You won't be seeing long, boring articles here!

Who would benefit from Earth Lists?

 Busy people! Individuals who lack time because their life is non-stop with Work, Socialising, Fitness, Relaxing with a Beverage, Shopping, Snuggling their pets - you get the picture. 

Why are we different to other Travel Websites?

We are all and only about the Facts. We create authentic Lists and Guides that aren't long-winded and full of flowery words. Simple, Quick, Lists, that don't take hours to read but give you all the essentials such as Things To Do, Where To Stay, Best Restaurants, Cool Bars all found by US! 

We like to see ourselves as a breath of fresh air in an era of too many endorsed, confusing and simply over cluttered Travel Blogs. 

Oh and you will never see adverts on our site! Ever! Everything we write on this site is because we loved it and think you will too. When we get asked to write reviews, know this, we will tell you from the get go. Honesty is the best policy after all. 

Our Beliefs and Values

We believe in giving you factual, authentic, culture immersive information that will inspire, motivate and help you save time. Our purpose is to educate and inform as many of our community to travel the world, one list at a time!


Earth Lists needs you!

Feature Friday is coming. We want to hear all about your favourite travel destination and why we, the Earth Lists' community, should travel there. 

If you are interested email me below and I will send you a questionnaire to fill out, attach inspiring pictures and I will do the rest! 


If you are interested in working with Earth Lists or would like to contribute your travel lists then fill out the form below: