About Earth Lists

Hey there!

I am Sarah; I am a UK Blogger and the face behind Earth Lists.

So glad you have found your way here. 

I guess I should start at the beginning right? I had a dream of having my own Travel Website since 2010, however, I just didn't get my butt in action to get started...oh where would I be now! Anyhow, after years of helping my friends, families and work colleagues research and plan their holidays, I gave into my yearning. It took me a while, I mean, it's so hard to even come up with a name - Earth Lists was once Desk to Destination, a mouthful I know - and trying to master website design provided hours of hair tearing tantrums and YouTube viewings (I love you YouTube).

 Fast forward to March 2017 and I finally launched Earth Lists. 

I am all about Affordable Luxury and Culture, hand picked by me and condensed into Authentic Travel Lists & Guides for couples and groups. You'll usually see me travelling with my beer-loving boyfriend Will or in a group of likeminded girlfriends. 

Fast forward to November 2018, when I decided that as much as I love travel, I have many other loves that I want to write about, so I have expanded Earth Lists into a Travel and Wellbeing website. I will talk about Self Care, Home Life, the world of blogging and Social Media and other interests that I believe contribute to my wellbeing. Hopefully you will find something that inspires you here.


Who's Sarah? 

I guess I would describe myself as an introverted, self-development junkie, explorer?! If that's such a thing. I am obsessed with my sausage dog Ralph, I narrate his life on the daily - yep mad dog lady here. Second to Ralph is my boyfriend Will, who I have been with for 11 years!! Commitment is my middle name. I fill my travels with:

Caffeine - tea or coffee I'm not fussed.

Cuisine - I get hangry if I don't eat. 

Culture - see what all the fuss is about.

Concoctions - Gin, Cocktails, Beer, I love a tipple.

I fill my life with:

Friends, Family, Celebrations, Netball, my Dachshund Ralph, Self Development, Positive Thinking and Food!




If you are interested in working with Earth Lists or would like to contribute your travel lists then fill out the form below: